Tax Advisory

" We are equipped with the required skills, knowledge & experience expertise to provide outstanding services, which helps clients to maximize tax savings, compliance, reporting and relationship with tax authorities and avoid penalties, tax interviews and extra documentation. "

In particular we provide the following services:

Tax planning advisory

We assist clients to reduce the tax burden exposed in past through strategic tax planning.

Appeal Hearing

We attend tax interviews at tax authority on behalf of the clients and advice for legal proceedings.

Tax Computation

Assisting clients to compute tax liability for periodic payment and draft final tax computation.

Tax Certifications

We issue different types of certificate for internal & external purposes such as national tax certificate & tax certificate.

Tax Documentation

Assisting client to file tax returns, prepare tax reconciliation, reply to notice from tax authorities and make arrangement for tax interview.

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R.M.W.B.Rasanayake (Manager)
Telephone: +94 112 596 000
Fax: +94 112 596 001
Mr.M. Thavaraj (Senior Partner)
Telephone: +94 112 596 000
Fax: +94 112 596 001